This piece stemmed from my passion for creature and special effects, and my interests and fascinations with hybrid, and fantasy creatures. Inspired by the Monstrous fire breathing creature of the same name from Greek Mythology. I wanted to re-imagine the creature and present it in a new and exciting way by producing it in a more human form, playing on the fact of me, myself  being a Triplet and the bond I share with my sisters; portraying the individuality of our characters and how we unite as one, exactly like the Chimera, made up of different animals merged together to form one.


The first images are of my first initial designs for this piece and the followings are of the final piece presented at the Wimbledon College of Art degree show 2018. The whole piece was sculpted in clay. Moulded in silicone, and plaster for the different sections of the piece and was all cast in Resin. The hair was hand laid and she was painted using Acrylic and Oil paints. 

© 2018 by Sherlaine Callender

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