The Hybrid skull was based around the theme of ‘Surrealism’. With an interests in natural history, hybrid beings and Archaeological Discoveries of the unknown. I decided to take two ordinary, natural substances, these being a Human skull and a Ram skull and merge the two together to create something extraordinary. I wanted this piece to appear as though it was the remains of an unknown being. 

The first images are of designs that I put together to get a sense of  how I wanted to create this piece. The followings are of the skull once it had been cast. I played around with the Archaeology concept and buried the skull in some sand. The last Images are of the final presented skull which was painted using coffee to give a bonelike finish. The piece was sculpted in clay, moulded in silicone with a Jesmonite jacket and then finally cast in Jesmonite.

© 2018 by Sherlaine Callender

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